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shoes features


1) HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: Our leather shoes are crafted from genuine all natural leather sourced from Leon, Mexico; the leather capital of the western hemisphere. 

2) PLUSH LINING: The lining within our shoes and boots provide plush cushioning, giving your child maximum comfort.

3) FOAM CUSHIONING: Our top-layer insole provides a shock absorbent bed of foam, making each step your child takes relaxed and agreeable.

4) INSOLE: Our second-layer insole is made of soft but durable leather, which gives your child's foot, when pressed on our top insole, a cozy pad to rest on.

5) HEEL SUPPORT: Our added heel support is the bedrock of each shoe and boot. It keeps everything sturdy and stable so your child's foot is supported in the best way possible.

6) RUGGED OUTSOLE: Our uniquely textured outsole provides maximum traction on virtually any surface, making each step your child takes that much safer as they explore and grow.

7) FLEXIBILITY: The forefront of each outsole has flexibility grooves cut into them. This allows the shoes or boots to bend with ease and avoid any material pinching against your child's foot.

8) MOISTURE WICKING FABRIC: The front of our top layer insole is made out of moisture wicking material so that sweat is absorbed from the toes, reducing discomfort and smell.